Hi! I’m Amanda Michelle Brown,

author of “The Memory Jumper”

To keep her mind-altering powers a secret, Adelaide lives in an underground safe house with her narcissistic mother Fawn. Together they sell her illegal Memory Jumping abilities for profit—but when Adelaide decides to break, Fawn’s grip on her life only tightens.

The boy stares at me with big, scared eyes that beg me to have some decency.
But I’m not even free enough to be kind.

— Adelaide, “the memory jumper”

I’m Amanda Brown, proud multitasker.

I dabble in all the things. A professional LA-based graphic designer, I:

A tiny girl in a tiny corner of the internet with BIG thoughts & dreams.

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The Story Behind Your Jewelry

Chick-fil-A taught me several things. One was how to make people feel seen by starting simple conversations. One of those things was (honestly) complimenting people on their outfits. And through this, I found the most fascinating conversation starter: complimenting people on their jewelry and asking about the story behind it. Here’s the thing: Jewelry takes…

REBECCA // codependency, relatableness, moody mansion, and a rich husband

HAVE I TALKED ABOUT REBECCA ENOUGH ?????? My gosh, yes, I am obsessed with this book. I can’t quite explain it, except that it was so insightful and relatable and had this ominous tone that I couldn’t put my finger on. I had already watched the movie when it released on Netflix, not knowing it…

i have a new favorite app…you’ll love it too!

I am a COLLAGE FIEND—I love paper and glue and stickers and paraphernalia. So the other day I was on Pinterest and found an app called Sequel and OH MY GOSH I LOVEEEEE THIS THING! You can use photos from pinterest and your phone to create collages, any collage, any collage at all. I’ve gone…