Author of “The Memory Jumper”

To keep her mind-altering powers a secret, Adelaide lives in an underground safe house with her narcissistic mother Fawn. Together they sell her illegal Memory Jumping abilities for profit—but when Adelaide decides to break, Fawn’s grip on her life only tightens.

The boy stares at me with big, scared eyes that beg me to have some decency.
But I’m not even free enough to be kind.

— Adelaide, “the memory jumper”

I’m Amanda Brown, proud multitasker.

I dabble in all the things. A professional LA-based graphic designer, I:

A tiny girl in a tiny corner of the internet with BIG thoughts & dreams.

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blue robe

Living in LA, I see a lot of *interesting* people wandering the streets. While driving to work the other day, I saw a rough-looking woman (probably in her 60s) walking with a man who was slowly riding a bike. She looked worn and weary, and I wondered what her story was. My heart went outContinue reading “blue robe”