I can’t go to sleep,
I won’t sleep a wink,
My mind is all tangled in you.
My mind is abuzz–
All day I was
Basking in your silver stars.
I must get a grip on my future;
Cuz you’re not a part, I am sure.
How could you be, I’m asking me,
When I’m such a dull lonesome bore
I’m dreaming tonight
So for once
All is right
And you are finally mine.
When your face is glowing
I know I am showing
My real self and you approve.
I feel like I’m real when I’m ’round you;
That’s not part of dreaming, I know;
Just hold out your hand
And I’ll understand
It’s me you’ve been waiting for.

I’m getting a grip
I let myself slip
When I fell in love with you.
I was doing so well
But then I fell
And everything else tumbled through.
I have to let go, yes I know it;
It’s madness to go on this way.
I just have to hold on ’til
I’m back in God’s will
And maybe the dreams go away.
I’m dreaming right now
And everything’s great;
I tingle when you look my way.
I finally know
That these things you show
Are really ‘cuz you feel the same.
I may be misjudging your actions;
I might be avoiding the truth;
But right now I’m sleeping
And not truly weeping
So I’ll keep on going
‘Til morning is showing
And I’ll keep on dying
Cuz I won’t keep trying
And dreams go away
But there still there this day
How long until
Dreams become

Published by Amanda Brown

INFP who names inanimate objects, loves to laugh, and is a proud old soul. You can often find her planning out her next crazy project, hugging books, or telling stories about her day that *may* be a little exaggerated.

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