second draft complete // free desktop wallpaper

At the beginning of Christmas break, I started out my WIP as a cranky little first draft. Now it’s 20k words beefier (65k instead of 45k) and the ending is almost totally different.

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 1.14.13 PMI figured out a few weird plot things that were bothering me and changed Adam from being a personality-less blob enamored with Adelaide (aka Meredith) to a brilliant young man with an eye for black-and-white photography that captures emotions.

-next steps-

I’m off for a vacation on Wednesday and can’t bring my computer, so I’m printing all 131 pages of my manuscript out, shoving it in a backpack with a notebook and all my most colorful pens and (in theory) working on it while away. I’m getting ready to send my manuscript to my two best readers (my mom and sister) and hoping to hire (for free) some of my buddies to read it as well.

my bad . . . I accidentally wrote this book into a science fiction novel! I  was having problems fitting it into a genre and now I’m pretty sure it’s sf. but it’s the best sf there is! Think The Giver, with lots of emotion and tech and futuristic fun.

-and then-

I’ll edit again! I know I still need to nail down a few things (for example, before I wanted Buddy and Perkins to be almost exactly the same since they’re twins but as I was writing, I couldn’t help but find their personalities were coming out on their own).

I didn’t lie! Here’s the wallpaper! (Right click to save it to your downloads and then add as your wallpaper)

the memory jumper-2

In addition . . .

It’s the new year, so we all have to make goals we’re probably going to give up on within 7 days. That’s why, this year, I’m trying to make a mission statement. I wrote down a few things I want to accomplish, nothing too hard.

My writing goal? In general, just WRITE. After I finished my first novel, I kind of died a little. I figured I was done. But then I realized . . . I’m a writer. I must write another book!

  • Finish this book.
  • Find an agent.
  • Make plans to go to a conference eventually.
  • Start another book.
  • Finish rewriting my first ever novel and pursue publication with that.

You gotta make big dreams, kids. Reach for the moon because, if you miss, you’ll come away with at least a bit of the clouds. ❤

See ya later, little readers!


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