Red is big. Red is knock-down, all out fights. Red is huge skyscrapers, flashing lights, loud music, things that grab every single sense until you don’t know what’s up and what’s down.

Red is intense. It’s fast cars, fast games. Sharp scissors, dark lakes. Red is lipstick hastily thrown on because you’re late to work.

Red is scary. It’s looking back and seeing dark, looking forward and seeing darker still. It’s a heart that’s past broken, now seething. It’s matches and revolutions and sinners.

Red is a blood moon. Red is an explosion.

Red can be terrifying. Those who see it must have a brave, beating heart . . . a heart that’s as bright a crimson as what they’re facing.Amanda

Published by Amanda Brown

INFP who names inanimate objects, loves to laugh, and is a proud old soul. You can often find her planning out her next crazy project, hugging books, or telling stories about her day that *may* be a little exaggerated.

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