she’s lost

like always

and too scared to stop

or to turn

she just keeps going straight

too stunned

too paralyzed

too broken to do anything else

through tears she thinks

if he were still here

if he hadn’t given me up

if he hadn’t left

I could call him

and he’d guide me home

he’d laugh at dory

he’d console her tears

promise everything would be okay


she careens into traffic

if I just turn the wheel a little

it could all be over

she just wants relief

just wants it to be over

she wishes she could forget

it’s been so long

she should be okay by now


I  will not give up

she holds tight to the steering wheel

sends up a prayer to The One

who is still here

who will never give her up

who will never leave

she calls on him

and He guides her home

she doesn’t even know how

she made it back to safety

but she’s here

she’s weak 

but she’s alive

the only thing she can do

is keep breathing

one, two, three

she counts

pulls the breaths in and out

sometimes breathing is all we can do

sometimes home is all we can hope for

sometimes we have to be a little lost to find our way back


Published by Amanda Brown

INFP who names inanimate objects, loves to laugh, and is a proud old soul. You can often find her planning out her next crazy project, hugging books, or telling stories about her day that *may* be a little exaggerated.

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