Hullo, fork in the road

I was supposed to go to camp this summer.

The plans were all made. Armed with a camera and a contagious grin, I’d be capturing moments at the Christian camp that’s come to mean so much to me. In summer of 2018, it breathed life over my broken spirit. In 2019, it ironed out more wrinkles in my Christianity.

Who knows what would’ve happened this summer?

But, due to health concerns, I ended up stepping down. Actually, the decision was made for me by multiple authorities in my life. Well, I had prayed for a clear answer from God. Here it was.

So . . . what does one do with a whole summer when her country has been clouded by pandemic and civil unrest? When “big people” (aka adults) can’t even get jobs?

Not. Waste. It. That’s what.

I’m on the eve of true adulthood. Forget 18; that’s just a trial subscription. In two months, I’ll be 21. In six months, I’ll be done with school. Forever.

No biggie, right?

This summer will most likely be the last time I have so much free time. The last time I can go on random picnics with my family or take two hours to write a song or decide I want to learn a new instrument.

And what’s on my bucket list? Finish my book.

But of course. But no, seriously. My Creator is giving me another two months to finish my precious little book. My book about freedom, mental abuse, hope, forgiveness, friendship. It’s anything but lighthearted. But its message has come to be so engrained in my soul.

So, here are a few other projects I hope to tackle this summer:

  1. Start a podcast with my mom.
  2. Perhaps make and sell custom hand lettered bookmarks?
  3. Plan what next year will look like for my magazine.
  4. Maybe learn golf.
  5. Relearn piano.
  6. Write a song (I’ve been working on a God Is So Good/Nothing But the Blood piece)
  7. Write another devotional for my blog
  8. Grow my Instagram engagement
  9. Learn ukulele better/learn guitar
  10. Do a “group project” with my sister
  11. Celebrate my 21st in style . . . if the country hasn’t gone nutso by then
  12. Dig deep into the Word
  13. Find random design projects to do (paid would be nice)
  14. Write letters to missionaries and my friends at camp
  15. Get together with friends for coffee and listen, really listen
  16. Create a calendar for next year
  17. Get better at embroidery
  18. Learn more After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro
  19. Make videos based on the Psalms
  20. Maybe start writing another book???
  21. Simplify my room
  22. Group Bible study with my mom and sister on Proverbs 31

As you can see, there’s plenty to do. I dare not look back on summer 2020 and just remember how I lied around the house. There’s always work to be done; there’s always ways to be profitable. It’s buckling down and doing that’s the thing.

Published by Amanda Brown

INFP who names inanimate objects, loves to laugh, and is a proud old soul. You can often find her planning out her next crazy project, hugging books, or telling stories about her day that *may* be a little exaggerated.

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