driving home from the grocery store

Can I describe the feeling of freedom?

Sometimes I’m driving home from something as simple as shopping. I tossed a couple George Washingtons across a grubby counter, grabbed my bags of unglamorous food, shoved it in the back of my car, and took off.

And yet, as I drive home wielding copious bags of off-brand food items, I feel as if I’ve just dropped a couple hundred thousand at Dolce and Gabana.

I smile a little to myself, even though I can’t quite explain what’s making me smile. I roll the windows down, open the sunroof, because no one can tell me I’m not allowed to.

The music and the wind toss my hair in syncopated rhythm. I drum my fingers on the steering wheel, a wheel that could take me literally anywhere.

Sometimes I feel as if I’m going nowhere. Everything seems so bleak, and I’m sure the world is falling apart.

But, in those moments, I’m 21 and free as a bird. I’m Rose, standing at the front of the Titanic, screaming with joy because the possibilities are limitless.

I could take off in an airplane this weekend for Oklahoma. I could rock climb, sky dive, start a band, throw a dinner party.

I’ve probably even rubbed shoulders with celebrities.

My head has always been in the clouds, but now it’s in the stars. I can barely keep my feet on the ground, except for the fact that I’m an adult, and that’s what adults do. They stay firmly rooted on the ground, right?

I’m free.

Let me say it again.


I live amongst the stars.


Published by Amanda Brown

INFP who names inanimate objects, loves to laugh, and is a proud old soul. You can often find her planning out her next crazy project, hugging books, or telling stories about her day that *may* be a little exaggerated.

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