my latest moody poems

NO 1. PROMPT: “old times” Maybe new times Are just old times in disguise NO 2. PROMPT: “feelings” How deep is the well of my feelings take a bucket and drain me dry don’t worry how i collapse into dust NO 3. PROMPT: “tragedy” Life took me one tragedy at a time until i wasContinue reading “my latest moody poems”

WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING // moody marshes, grits, & zoology

I do not like doing popular things until they are UNPOPULAR. So, when I saw that Where the Crawdads Sing was being read by everyone and their grandmother, I immediately said “Ew no.” However I have fallen I am sorry to disappoint Here’s what happened: I literally saw a billboard for the movie based onContinue reading “WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING // moody marshes, grits, & zoology”

THE CARTOGRAPHERS // maps, mysteries, & multiple povs

Me at the beginning of 2022: i shall read one book every week of 2022 Me at the beginning of 2022: *gets a FREAKING PUBLISHING DEAL* Me: whoopsie The events relayed to you above are 100% true, 0% fictional. I had a great plan to read 52 books but . . . I had toContinue reading “THE CARTOGRAPHERS // maps, mysteries, & multiple povs”

i got a peek at my debut novel’s book cover.

I always love getting emails from Mel, founder of Lost Island Press (my publisher!!). It always means there’s exciting news, and we’re one step closer to publication day! This past email was probably my most favorite yet, though. Because I finally got to see my book’s cover. I’ve fiddled around with covers for this bookContinue reading “i got a peek at my debut novel’s book cover.”

announcing the release date of my first novel

On Friday, my publisher officially announced when we’re releasing “The Memory Jumper”! I’ve been through two pretty intensive rounds of edits and I’m wrapping up that second round as we speak (it’s open in my other tab haha). It’s about six months until release and I can’t even explain what I’m feeling. View this postContinue reading “announcing the release date of my first novel”

We Are All Characters

Being a writer can be pretty deep sometimes. I was just watching a video on writing, and the YouTuber said stories are driven by characters, and characters are driven by a couple things. Characters start out with a lie. This is why the book exists! A character believes a lie and operates based on thatContinue reading “We Are All Characters”

Writing as a Graphic Designer

That first line— That engaging, poetic first line is my anchor point. All I need to begin writing is an engaging first line. I know and you know that the line will probably be changed one day, but for now . . . it anchors my story. Letters and words are my shapes. I tossContinue reading “Writing as a Graphic Designer”