REBECCA // codependency, relatableness, moody mansion, and a rich husband

HAVE I TALKED ABOUT REBECCA ENOUGH ?????? My gosh, yes, I am obsessed with this book. I can’t quite explain it, except that it was so insightful and relatable and had this ominous tone that I couldn’t put my finger on. I had already watched the movie when it released on Netflix, not knowing itContinue reading “REBECCA // codependency, relatableness, moody mansion, and a rich husband”

i have a new favorite app…you’ll love it too!

I am a COLLAGE FIEND—I love paper and glue and stickers and paraphernalia. So the other day I was on Pinterest and found an app called Sequel and OH MY GOSH I LOVEEEEE THIS THING! You can use photos from pinterest and your phone to create collages, any collage, any collage at all. I’ve goneContinue reading “i have a new favorite app…you’ll love it too!”

celebrating 2 years in LA with a FREE e-book

I celebrated two years in LA last month, which is really no big deal EXCEPT the whole story of how I moved here is so innately tied to my faith. I thought that to celebrate (and also to do some design work because I miss doing book/magazine layout), I’d create a nice coffee-table type bookContinue reading “celebrating 2 years in LA with a FREE e-book”

i did a photo series inspired by my debut novel

Photography is a sweet solace for me, if not a bit chaotic. When I get an idea, I pull out my camera and begin snapping. I live by myself so I have to rely on my camera’s self-timer, which can be frustrating. I wouldn’t have it any other way, though. That frustration—that marriage between ideaContinue reading “i did a photo series inspired by my debut novel”

Writing as a Graphic Designer

That first line— That engaging, poetic first line is my anchor point. All I need to begin writing is an engaging first line. I know and you know that the line will probably be changed one day, but for now . . . it anchors my story. Letters and words are my shapes. I tossContinue reading “Writing as a Graphic Designer”


Our latest school project was for my typography class. We didn’t get many instructions; we were simply told to make a 3-5 letter word out of paper. So I hit up Pinterest and collected about 100 old advertisements from the ’60s. I already knew I wanted my word to be retro (I honestly was aContinue reading “retro”

type comparison book

for my end of the year project, i was tasked with creating a type comparison booklet. I     used typefaces from the magazine I run (Oh Beloved One) because I thought that would make the research more interesting. I mentioned the cover and someone was like we already know it’s gonna be yellow. well, they weren’tContinue reading “type comparison book”

colored mandala

Originally, this blog was also supposed to feature things that I create. Hopefully, one day I    can look back on all this and reminisce about the “good times” I    had in all these crazy creative classes haha. Our latest project was creating a colored mandala. Follow my process below! ONE // choose a photo IContinue reading “colored mandala”