i have a new favorite app…you’ll love it too!

I am a COLLAGE FIEND—I love paper and glue and stickers and paraphernalia. So the other day I was on Pinterest and found an app called Sequel and OH MY GOSH I LOVEEEEE THIS THING! You can use photos from pinterest and your phone to create collages, any collage, any collage at all. I’ve goneContinue reading “i have a new favorite app…you’ll love it too!”

My Next Novel: An Exploration of Being Told “You Can’t”

Words are powerful. There will always be those who deny this. There’s a whole rhyme about it: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” But that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Inspiration For a while, I let what people thought about me define who I was. WhenContinue reading “My Next Novel: An Exploration of Being Told “You Can’t””

celebrating 2 years in LA with a FREE e-book

I celebrated two years in LA last month, which is really no big deal EXCEPT the whole story of how I moved here is so innately tied to my faith. I thought that to celebrate (and also to do some design work because I miss doing book/magazine layout), I’d create a nice coffee-table type bookContinue reading “celebrating 2 years in LA with a FREE e-book”

i did a photo series inspired by my debut novel

Photography is a sweet solace for me, if not a bit chaotic. When I get an idea, I pull out my camera and begin snapping. I live by myself so I have to rely on my camera’s self-timer, which can be frustrating. I wouldn’t have it any other way, though. That frustration—that marriage between ideaContinue reading “i did a photo series inspired by my debut novel”

i got a peek at my debut novel’s book cover.

I always love getting emails from Mel, founder of Lost Island Press (my publisher!!). It always means there’s exciting news, and we’re one step closer to publication day! This past email was probably my most favorite yet, though. Because I finally got to see my book’s cover. I’ve fiddled around with covers for this bookContinue reading “i got a peek at my debut novel’s book cover.”

announcing the release date of my first novel

On Friday, my publisher officially announced when we’re releasing “The Memory Jumper”! I’ve been through two pretty intensive rounds of edits and I’m wrapping up that second round as we speak (it’s open in my other tab haha). It’s about six months until release and I can’t even explain what I’m feeling. View this postContinue reading “announcing the release date of my first novel”