your story lives

I’m attached to my books. An invisible IV runs from my veins to the words on the shining screen. That’s why, when I’m at a store and see something that reminds me of my book, I must buy it. Nearly three years ago, I bought two Coke bottles proudly bearing the names Matthew and Samantha.Continue reading “your story lives”

Everything, Everything: Oceans, Solar Systems, Deep Thoughts about Life

Madeline has never been outside. Never felt the salty, invigorating coolness of the ocean. Never tasted the crispness of the¬†oncoming fall. Never been to a high school. Never fallen in love. Never had her heart broken. But then a boy moves¬†next door. And her life changes forever. My Rating Three and a half stars. *throwsContinue reading “Everything, Everything: Oceans, Solar Systems, Deep Thoughts about Life”

My Latest Book } A Little Intro

I wrote my first full-length novel about two years ago. You may ask yourself, “Well what has she been doing since then?” And that, my friend, is an excellent question. You see, I only realized the other day (no joke) that if I want to be an author, I need to keep writing. Therefore, IContinue reading “My Latest Book } A Little Intro”