The holidays used to be about Ritual. / Thanksgiving was  A grandiose table and Golden decorations and Pumpkin pie candles; Christmas was The thick smell of a warming fireplace and A friendly Christmas tree and Bing Crosby singing over the stereo. But holidays are different this year. / Mom shaved her head last night. TheContinue reading “Ritual”

c word

I was standing in the kitchen when my dad gave me the news it was slow motion his words went into my ears to my brain my brain chewed on the information spat out things i’d seen in movies, read in books except in those i was always the viewer it seemed like i wereContinue reading “c word”


I turned the doorknob; Took a breath; The door opened. Memories swooshed by. Some hugged me; Some pinched me; Some grabbed me ’round the neck. Everything reminded me of Something. The musty smells percolated In the air– They smelled of bonds, of chains, of work. Everything felt Grimy, Left traces of tawny color Across myContinue reading “CHANGE”