driving home from the grocery store

Can I describe the feeling of freedom? Sometimes I’m driving home from something as simple as shopping. I tossed a couple George Washingtons across a grubby counter, grabbed my bags of unglamorous food, shoved it in the back of my car, and took off. And yet, as I drive home wielding copious bags of off-brandContinue reading “driving home from the grocery store”

give it all away

Adolescent six feet under Gave his life in ’42 Shot five times by Swastika battalions— “That’s what I paid for freedom  But you’d give it all away.” Father of five beneath A block of cement Gave his life in 1863 Looked behind him At his black brothers— “That’s what I paid for freedom  But you’dContinue reading “give it all away”

love ballad for the firmament

The roar of a science That doesn’t make sense to me Stirs the air; Tin can in an aerial sea.   The sky pulls at my stomach; I’m thrown back in my seat. We leave the earth Like loud ghost feet.   Darkness scrapes the sun away. I look out my window and find StarsContinue reading “love ballad for the firmament”

i’m working on a new book?? WHAT???

You saw right! I’m working on a new book! The book was originally inspired by two words: futuristic Rapunzel. It came together so nicely and I’m pumped! The first draft is done, clocked in at a little under 40,000 words. I had my sister and mom read it and take a survey and now I’m going toContinue reading “i’m working on a new book?? WHAT???”


I never wanted to grow up– While my friends dreamed of Cars and Boys and Freedom I was content with my dolls And my daydreams And Elmo. I wore pigtails with pride And romped the world, Gathering dandelions, Riding bikes, Shying away from boys. But we all age Regardless of Whether we want to orContinue reading “PIGTAILS”