type comparison book

for my end of the year project, i was tasked with creating a type comparison booklet. I     used typefaces from the magazine I run (Oh Beloved One) because I thought that would make the research more interesting. I mentioned the cover and someone was like we already know it’s gonna be yellow. well, they weren’tContinue reading “type comparison book”

colored mandala

Originally, this blog was also supposed to feature things that I create. Hopefully, one day I    can look back on all this and reminisce about the “good times” I    had in all these crazy creative classes haha. Our latest project was creating a colored mandala. Follow my process below! ONE // choose a photo IContinue reading “colored mandala”

encouraging friends // digital painting

School has started up again, hence the sudden quiet sleep that has descended upon both of my blogs. It’s February, so all the students around America are beginning to causally lose it. Coffee intake is going up; hours of sleep are going down. Insanity is on the rise. BUT WE GOT THIS. Here’s a challenge forContinue reading “encouraging friends // digital painting”