celebrating 2 years in LA with a FREE e-book

I celebrated two years in LA last month, which is really no big deal EXCEPT the whole story of how I moved here is so innately tied to my faith. I thought that to celebrate (and also to do some design work because I miss doing book/magazine layout), I’d create a nice coffee-table type bookContinue reading “celebrating 2 years in LA with a FREE e-book”

i / am / funny

When you’re 10 years old, you really don’t know who you are beyond your favorite pop-tart flavor (Frosted S’mores, anyone?). As I approached adolescence, I realized I needed a “persona.” Maybe it’s because I read too many books or watched too much Scooby Doo, which made me think that everyone fell into basic labels inContinue reading “i / am / funny”

used to

The thunder used to scare me, used to hunt me in my room; Thirsty grumblings launched their shadows at the ceiling o’er my tomb. Darkened rumblings casting light from a forever hungry gut Leading silver chains to smoldering cells from flames and heaven cut.   Now I lie awake in bed when I can hearContinue reading “used to”


Please don’t grow up, Little girl. Don’t forget about Your tutus and Fairy wands And tiaras And hopes of Prince Charming. Please don’t Lose your bright-eyed Anticipation Of Christmas. Don’t forget about The land of dreams You made up In your youth. Don’t let your Stuffed animals’ names be Forgotten. Don’t trade your dolls forContinue reading “YOUTH”


I never wanted to grow up– While my friends dreamed of Cars and Boys and Freedom I was content with my dolls And my daydreams And Elmo. I wore pigtails with pride And romped the world, Gathering dandelions, Riding bikes, Shying away from boys. But we all age Regardless of Whether we want to orContinue reading “PIGTAILS”