give it all away

Adolescent six feet under Gave his life in ’42 Shot five times by Swastika battalions— “That’s what I paid for freedom  But you’d give it all away.” Father of five beneath A block of cement Gave his life in 1863 Looked behind him At his black brothers— “That’s what I paid for freedom  But you’dContinue reading “give it all away”


She runs her hands through her hair— The thick mass shakes in terror,  Releases great thick drops of water— It’s a ceremonial washing, A processional release. In just a day’s time Her hair will be gone, Sacrificed to the lust of cancer. The trees outside are still strong, Donning their glistening diadems of Passionate oranges,Continue reading “ceremony”

c word

I was standing in the kitchen when my dad gave me the news it was slow motion his words went into my ears to my brain my brain chewed on the information spat out things i’d seen in movies, read in books except in those i was always the viewer it seemed like i wereContinue reading “c word”


Broken looks like: Falling asleep to the rhythm of Gasps through tears. Sitting in bed, Drowning in the darkness, Lifting your hands to the heaven Because in and of yourself You can’t, You just can’t. // Broken looks like Taking late night walks  Under the stars, Reminding yourself you’re Really small And it’s okay TheContinue reading “WHAT BROKEN LOOKS LIKE”