We Are All Characters

Being a writer can be pretty deep sometimes. I was just watching a video on writing, and the YouTuber said stories are driven by characters, and characters are driven by a couple things. Characters start out with a lie. This is why the book exists! A character believes a lie and operates based on thatContinue reading “We Are All Characters”

it wasn’t supposed to be like this

I cant stop thinking  It wasn’t supposed to be like this But I have to keep remembering This is a lie Bc I have a savior Who promises that Because I’m his  I’m always where I’m meant to be  Whether in a valley Or the sunniest of mountaintops  It  All Has Reason It All HasContinue reading “it wasn’t supposed to be like this”

c word

I was standing in the kitchen when my dad gave me the news it was slow motion his words went into my ears to my brain my brain chewed on the information spat out things i’d seen in movies, read in books except in those i was always the viewer it seemed like i wereContinue reading “c word”


this is the story of any given wall, but especially those of the colleges we’ve been to, will go to, or will send our kids to. What if these walls could talk. What stories would they tell? They’re witness to the cleft of adulthood; Jury to broken hearts, broken dreams. They testify of the scoresContinue reading “walls”