WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING // moody marshes, grits, & zoology

I do not like doing popular things until they are UNPOPULAR. So, when I saw that Where the Crawdads Sing was being read by everyone and their grandmother, I immediately said “Ew no.” However I have fallen I am sorry to disappoint Here’s what happened: I literally saw a billboard for the movie based onContinue reading “WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING // moody marshes, grits, & zoology”


part of the color series Blue is the color of driving home by yourself after a rough day, the wind drying the tears on your trembling face. Blue is seeing an old friend whom a misunderstanding has distanced you from. It’s feeling absolutely, uncontrollably alone; being surrounded by people that care nothing for you.  ButContinue reading “BLUE”