“The Virtuous Woman” — A Short Story, P2

Click here to read the previous installment. The villain begged the gardener to free herself. He constantly gave her ideas. Sometimes he made her lists of ways to dirty her soul. One such list is as follows, written on a day when he was particularly salty: Ways to sin without even leaving your chair LieContinue reading ““The Virtuous Woman” — A Short Story, P2″


It’s like the sea missing the desert; The moon kissing the sun; The priest looking after the heathen. It’s like my heart pumping ice; trees shedding blood; clouds dripping leaves. Like snow in July; Flowers in December; Harvest in March. It’s like black seeing color; Guitars singing vision; Mouths hearing sound. Like life loving death;Continue reading “SIMILE”


Just a Dumb, gray polka-dot sock– Alone, without a match. Unraveled and dirty, I sit, unworn. Unloved. Unmatched, Under a pile of socks. They are pairs. They are matches. But not me. Until someone takes me out of My comfort zone. Out of the bin, Out of the box. I’m lost afraid. But nothing isContinue reading “SOCK”


I never wanted to grow up– While my friends dreamed of Cars and Boys and Freedom I was content with my dolls And my daydreams And Elmo. I wore pigtails with pride And romped the world, Gathering dandelions, Riding bikes, Shying away from boys. But we all age Regardless of Whether we want to orContinue reading “PIGTAILS”