Fawn’s Diary – Entry 02

Some people believe man is born with a pure conscience, that, if it were not for evil civilization, our innate good would rise above any penchant for evil and smote the dragon within. I have never before been so convinced otherwise. There is a terror inside us—a graveyard that wishes to bury our neighbors, aContinue reading “Fawn’s Diary – Entry 02”

Everything, Everything: Oceans, Solar Systems, Deep Thoughts about Life

Madeline has never been outside. Never felt the salty, invigorating coolness of the ocean. Never tasted the crispness of the oncoming fall. Never been to a high school. Never fallen in love. Never had her heart broken. But then a boy moves next door. And her life changes forever. My Rating Three and a half stars. *throwsContinue reading “Everything, Everything: Oceans, Solar Systems, Deep Thoughts about Life”


I never wanted to grow up– While my friends dreamed of Cars and Boys and Freedom I was content with my dolls And my daydreams And Elmo. I wore pigtails with pride And romped the world, Gathering dandelions, Riding bikes, Shying away from boys. But we all age Regardless of Whether we want to orContinue reading “PIGTAILS”