i did a photo series inspired by my debut novel

Photography is a sweet solace for me, if not a bit chaotic. When I get an idea, I pull out my camera and begin snapping. I live by myself so I have to rely on my camera’s self-timer, which can be frustrating. I wouldn’t have it any other way, though. That frustration—that marriage between ideaContinue reading “i did a photo series inspired by my debut novel”

i got a peek at my debut novel’s book cover.

I always love getting emails from Mel, founder of Lost Island Press (my publisher!!). It always means there’s exciting news, and we’re one step closer to publication day! This past email was probably my most favorite yet, though. Because I finally got to see my book’s cover. I’ve fiddled around with covers for this bookContinue reading “i got a peek at my debut novel’s book cover.”

announcing the release date of my first novel

On Friday, my publisher officially announced when we’re releasing “The Memory Jumper”! I’ve been through two pretty intensive rounds of edits and I’m wrapping up that second round as we speak (it’s open in my other tab haha). It’s about six months until release and I can’t even explain what I’m feeling. View this postContinue reading “announcing the release date of my first novel”

We Are All Characters

Being a writer can be pretty deep sometimes. I was just watching a video on writing, and the YouTuber said stories are driven by characters, and characters are driven by a couple things. Characters start out with a lie. This is why the book exists! A character believes a lie and operates based on thatContinue reading “We Are All Characters”


Do you know how long I’ve wanted to write those words? How long they’ve danced on the tip of my tongue, practicing for when they would one day be true? And now they are. TIMELINE 2017 – Wrote a 40,000-word story based on the words “futuristic Rapunzel” 2017-2020 – Continued editing and writing; dabbling inContinue reading “I’M BEING PUBLISHED”

The Things I’ve Done

In my latest novel The Memory Jumper, a side character is taking on a whole life of her own. Queen Colette is a haunted soul, stuck in an unhappy marriage where she feels she has no voice. I took the above self portrait in the spirit of poor Colette. She smiles on the outside andContinue reading “The Things I’ve Done”

i’d forgotten the words within me

i’m so sorry i forgot you I had big plans for this break . . . plans I knew I wouldn’t complete, but plans nonetheless. But now that my break from school is over, I’m quite perturbed. Two days ago I decided to start reading/editing my book Memory Jumper again. Now, this book is myContinue reading “i’d forgotten the words within me”

universe inside of her

Sometimes, creativity comes from the craziest place. I created a book cover for The Memory Jumper and fell in love with the process. Then I    moved to Photoshop and wanted to make a poster for promotional purposes. I found a tutorial on Envato Tuts and used the general idea to create my own manipulation. I am SOContinue reading “universe inside of her”

second draft complete // free desktop wallpaper

At the beginning of Christmas break, I started out my WIP as a cranky little first draft. Now it’s 20k words beefier (65k instead of 45k) and the ending is almost totally different. I figured out a few weird plot things that were bothering me and changed Adam from being a personality-less blob enamored withContinue reading “second draft complete // free desktop wallpaper”

character profiles – the memory jumper

adelaide futuristic rapunzel, scared of everything, memory jumper, mentally abused Childhood: Raised by Fawn (see below) Dream: Freedom (traveling the world, going to The Outside) Fears: EVERYTHING; this is her biggest problem!! She’s afraid to stand up for herself or to change her life. Also terrified of the unknown. Flaws: Cowardly. Won’t stand up for what’s right.Continue reading “character profiles – the memory jumper”