orange juice & the east coast killer

This story was inspired by the following prompts given to me on instagram by @kelly_vervaet: jeep, light blue, pizza vs. salad, speeding, confusion — The light has been red for much too long. Or maybe time just feels like it is slipping away more slowly. That’s how time works, after all: going too fast whenContinue reading “orange juice & the east coast killer”

the Dunlops are drowning: an edgar-allen-poe-esque short story

The Dunlops Are Drowning The water welcomed me Into its overwhelming arms, Unlike any love I’d ever known. / I don’t call it drowning— I’ve been drowning my whole life. I’d never thought of vocabulary as being my strong point, but when I first met the Dunlop boys, the word “pompous” immediately jumped out ofContinue reading “the Dunlops are drowning: an edgar-allen-poe-esque short story”