My Next Novel: An Exploration of Being Told “You Can’t”

Words are powerful. There will always be those who deny this. There’s a whole rhyme about it: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” But that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Inspiration For a while, I let what people thought about me define who I was. WhenContinue reading “My Next Novel: An Exploration of Being Told “You Can’t””

The Things I’ve Done

In my latest novel The Memory Jumper, a side character is taking on a whole life of her own. Queen Colette is a haunted soul, stuck in an unhappy marriage where she feels she has no voice. I took the above self portrait in the spirit of poor Colette. She smiles on the outside andContinue reading “The Things I’ve Done”

second draft complete // free desktop wallpaper

At the beginning of Christmas break, I started out my WIP as a cranky little first draft. Now it’s 20k words beefier (65k instead of 45k) and the ending is almost totally different. I figured out a few weird plot things that were bothering me and changed Adam from being a personality-less blob enamored withContinue reading “second draft complete // free desktop wallpaper”

i’m working on a new book?? WHAT???

You saw right! I’m working on a new book! The book was originally inspired by two words: futuristic Rapunzel. It came together so nicely and I’m pumped! The first draft is done, clocked in at a little under 40,000 words. I had my sister and mom read it and take a survey and now I’m going toContinue reading “i’m working on a new book?? WHAT???”