We Are All Characters

Being a writer can be pretty deep sometimes. I was just watching a video on writing, and the YouTuber said stories are driven by characters, and characters are driven by a couple things. Characters start out with a lie. This is why the book exists! A character believes a lie and operates based on thatContinue reading “We Are All Characters”

Writing as a Graphic Designer

That first line— That engaging, poetic first line is my anchor point. All I need to begin writing is an engaging first line. I know and you know that the line will probably be changed one day, but for now . . . it anchors my story. Letters and words are my shapes. I tossContinue reading “Writing as a Graphic Designer”

i’d forgotten the words within me

i’m so sorry i forgot you I had big plans for this break . . . plans I knew I wouldn’t complete, but plans nonetheless. But now that my break from school is over, I’m quite perturbed. Two days ago I decided to start reading/editing my book Memory Jumper again. Now, this book is myContinue reading “i’d forgotten the words within me”

what it’s like to be a writer

The words call to you. Sometimes time steals those moments away, the moments that belong to the words. And even when you’re fighting against the clock, you know in the back of your head: this isn’t what you’re meant to be doing. You’re supposed to be sitting in a chair in your room, hearing nothing butContinue reading “what it’s like to be a writer”


I never wanted to grow up– While my friends dreamed of Cars and Boys and Freedom I was content with my dolls And my daydreams And Elmo. I wore pigtails with pride And romped the world, Gathering dandelions, Riding bikes, Shying away from boys. But we all age Regardless of Whether we want to orContinue reading “PIGTAILS”

My Latest Book } A Little Intro

I wrote my first full-length novel about two years ago. You may ask yourself, “Well what has she been doing since then?” And that, my friend, is an excellent question. You see, I only realized the other day (no joke) that if I want to be an author, I need to keep writing. Therefore, IContinue reading “My Latest Book } A Little Intro”