what it’s like to be a writer

The words call to you.

Sometimes time steals those moments away, the moments that belong to the words. And even when you’re fighting against the clock, you know in the back of your head: this isn’t what you’re meant to be doing.

You’re supposed to be sitting in a chair in your room, hearing nothing but the solemn whirring of your fan and the staccato rhythm of your keyboard clacking.

You’re supposed to be filling out character sketches; brainstorming cover ideas; threading plot twists together; figuring out plot holes.

The words are always calling to you. They need you, and you need them.


It’s overwhelming. There are so many ideas in your head; so many words already written, so many more words to write.

What should I do? Work on a previous adventure? Start a new one? Continue a current endeavor?

“It’s okay,” the words tell you. “We don’t expect much. All we ask from you is that you work with us, and we’ll work with you.”

The words don’t call to everyone. They select a few humans. The special ones. The ones they see don’t belong in this world; the ones that create their own worlds. The ones who have whole galaxies inside of themselves; the ones who live thirty lives in ten different genres and ninety different bodies.

The ones who love knowledge; who love collecting information; who love people watching and stargazing and daydreaming and feeling the ambiance of the last day of school and imagining what the color purple would smell like.

So, little words running circles in my head: I promise to let you out somehow. I promise I will try the best I can.

I promise I’ll let your stars explode into constellations, your sea spray turn into waves, your loneliness into throngs of people hungering to read you.

Little words, I’m your keeper. I’m your maker. I’m your creator.

I am a writer.


If the Sky Fell: Completed, but needs a little updating; changing verb tense, adding color to characters, ironing out plot, adding a few more scenes and character development

The Memory Jumper: Second reading; marking up all plot holes, brainstorming further theme/plot twist/scene ideas

And Death Laughed: Considering if this is worth keeping

also, i’m super excited because

I’m taking a Creative Writing course next semester!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! It literally has NOTHING to do with my major (graphic design) and will count for an equally big NOTHING; it will bump my load up to 20 credits and all my friends think I’m crazy and . . . of course I am!! I’m a writer! They should have known this before.

It’s also at 8:00 in the morning and I promised myself I was done with 8 o’clock classes but, to strengthen my craft, I am willing to wake up at such an ungodly hour of the day. Guys, I’m SO SO SO excited!!



Published by Amanda Brown

INFP who names inanimate objects, loves to laugh, and is a proud old soul. You can often find her planning out her next crazy project, hugging books, or telling stories about her day that *may* be a little exaggerated.

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